Fliki vs. Play HT

A comprehensive feature by feature comparison of the most popular text-to-speech software


FeatureCommentFlikiPlay HT
AI TechFliki leverages the best of the best AI technology offered by Google and Microsoft to provide the best voices.Google WaveNet, Azure Neural Networks, Amazon PollyGoogle WaveNet, Azure Neural Networks, Amazon Polly, IBM
PriceMost affordable and economical.8$/month19$/month
Quota per monthFliki gives the best bang for the buck with maximum words to convert with affordable pricing.2hr (20,000 words)20,000 words
Free trialFliki makes sure everyone can test it out without any limitations on the type of voices, without having to add a credit card.10 mins (1000 words)/month100 words one time
Maximum Characters per conversionFliki does not have any limits on the size of scripts per conversion. It leverages advanced audio stitching tech to deliver limitless audio output.UnlimitedUnlimited
PodcastLaunch you podcast using Fliki and publish it with ease on major platforms like Apple, Spotify and many more.YesYes
Podcast public pageFliki provides a public page to showcase and share your podcast creations to your audience.YesNo
Number of podcast showsCreate unlimited podcast shows.Unlimited1
Audio bookConvert you eBook to an Audiobook using Fliki.YesNo
Audio book public pageFliki provies a public page to showcase and share your audiobooks to your audience.YesNo
Emphasis and PauseAdd custom pauses in your scripts and emphasise words to better control your audio results.YesYes
Custom pronunciationFliki already uses best in class Neural AI to pronounce your words perfectly, but in some rare cases when you want to customise it, you can leverage the editor to add your pronunciation.YesYes
Background audioAdd background music to your audio files.YesNo
LanguagesFliki supports wide variety of languages with different accents/dialects like English UK, US, Indian to Spanish US, Mexican.77+75+
VoicesFliki has curated the best voices from Google and Microsoft to make it easier to pick the voice that suits your needs.850+900+
Support for different voices in one scriptUse multiple voices provided by Fliki to make the audio sound like a natural conversation.YesYes
Player analyticsSee how your audios are performing with our analytics.Coming soonYes
Commercial useContent generated from Fliki can be used for commercial purpose.YesYes
Folder managementFliki provides folder structure to neatly organise all your scripts by projects at multiple levels.YesYes (Limited to one folder level with pro account)
Duplicate itemsFliki lets you duplicate existing scripts so you can easily try out different voices without losing your existing script.YesNo
Upload filesNow upload your custom audio file in between your scripts be it intro, outro music or sound effects.YesNo
Embeddable playerEmbed podcast episodes or the audio created, in your website or blog.YesYes
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Nicolai Grut

Nicolai Grut

Digital Product Manager

Excellent Neural Voices + Super Fast App

I love how clean and fast the interface is, using Fliki is fast and snappy and the audio is "rendered" incredibly quickly.

Lisa Batitto

Lisa Batitto

Public Relations Professional

Hoping for something like this!

I'm having a great experience with Fliki so I was excited about this deal. My first project is turning my blog posts into videos, and posting on YouTube/TikTok.

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