Check out all the text-to-video and text-to-speech features offered by Fliki.

Convert Text to Video with AI

Text to Video

Transform your text into videos easily with AI text-to-video generator! Create videos for Youtube, Instagram and TikTok just by entering your text script or even a prompt.

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AI Voice Generator: 2000+ Realistic Voices

AI Voiceover

Transforming Text into Engaging Narrations with AI Voices. Choose from over 2000 ultra realistic voices in 75+ languages for all your content needs.

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Idea to Video: Create Videos from Prompt

Idea to Video

Create videos for social media in seconds by entering your prompt and let AI turn it into stunning videos with AI voices.

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AI Avatar Generator: Create AI Videos with Avatars

AI Avatar

Unleash your creativity with our lifelike AI Avatars. Revolutionize your video content by crafting lifelike narratives better and faster!

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Text to Speech Online with Ultra-Realistic AI Voices

Text to Speech

Transform your text into lifelike speech. Choose from over 2000 ultra realistic voices in 75+ languages, saving time and cost on voiceover artists.

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AI Voice Cloning: Custom Voice Cloning in Minutes

Voice Cloning

Get a realistic clone of your voice by recording a 2-min sample. Save time on manual recordings with Fliki's AI-based Voice Cloning.

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Turn Blog to Video with AI Instantly

Blog to Video

Create engaging videos from blog articles with Fliki's Blog to Video feature. Enhance SEO and drive engagement by converting blog posts into videos with a few clicks.

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PPT to Video: Convert Powerpoint to Video

PPT to Video

Repurpose your Powerpoint by converting it to Video. Just upload your PPT, and Fliki auto-generates scripts and adds AI avatars, lifelike voiceovers, and music in seconds.

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Tweet to Video: Create Videos from Twitter Posts

Tweet to Video

Instantly create viral tweet videos for TikTok, Reels, and Shorts! Just paste your tweet URL and let Fliki automatically add rich visuals and lifelike voiceovers.

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Photo to Video: Create Video from Images

Photo to Video

Create videos from your photos and add lifelike voiceovers, sound effects, music, animations, and more. No video skills are required!

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Product Video Maker: Create Videos from Product Pages

Product Video

Make videos from your product pages with lifelike voiceovers, rich visuals, music, animations, and more. No video skills are required!

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Translate Videos to 75+ Languages


Instantly translate video content online with a few clicks.

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