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Create Videos within Minutes

Add photos or video clips to your voiceovers and make a narrated video with subtitles. No complicated tedious video editors to create simple videos.

Use your existing content from Twitter, LinkedIn or blogs convert it into TikTok, Instagram Reels and Youtube videos.

With videos, you can reach user base of billions on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

How to create video in 3 steps

Step 1

Add details

Enter the details about your podcast, like a catchy title, a cover image and the category.

Step 2

Find a voice & add content

Select the perfect voice which resonates with your content from a list of 900+ options. And add your script/content along with images/video.

Step 3

Hit preview

Finally hit preview, sit back and view the video.

Loved by content creators around the world

Nicolai Grut

Nicolai Grut

Digital Product Manager

Excellent Neural Voices + Super Fast App

I love how clean and fast the interface is, using Fliki is fast and snappy and the audio is "rendered" incredibly quickly.

Lisa Batitto

Lisa Batitto

Public Relations Professional

Hoping for something like this!

I'm having a great experience with Fliki so I was excited about this deal. My first project is turning my blog posts into videos, and posting on YouTube/TikTok.

Rhonda W

Rhonda W


Fantastic Tool

I think I'm in love... this has been very useful and easy to use so far. I love that I can create a quick video in just a few minutes to use in introducing my content on social media.



Digital Creator

Absolutely in love with Fliki

I've used many TTS solutions in the past, this is hands down the best one out there. The team is quick in taking feedback and churning out much needed features.



Business Owner

Amazing software! I was waiting for this

Amazing! There are lots of text-to-speech softwares, maybe too many. It makes it hard to find the one you need. I love the quality and quantity of voices. I needed to quickly create vertical style AI videos and this is perfect for my needs.

Muhammad Pasha

Muhammad Pasha

Web Manager

I'm really impressed with Fliki

It's easily the best text-to-speech solution I've used so far. The voices are all very natural, and it even supports my local language. It's also really easy to use, which is a huge plus. I was able to get started right away. Highly recommend!

Stop wasting time and money creating videos and voiceover

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