Historical fact videos

Updated on May 17, 2024


“I'm seeking a succinct and captivating historical fact or event. Please craft it in such a way that immerses the viewer in the essence of the historical narrative, providing intriguing details and insights that leave a lasting impression. It should be easy to understand, concise yet rich in storytelling, capturing the essence of the historical event in a manner that entertains and educates the audience.”

Steps to create the historical fact video

  1. Copy and paste the prompt provided above in ChatGPT.

  2. Next, copy the prompt’s result and paste it into Fliki's 'Script to Video' [Watch tutorial].

  3. Choose AI media and sound effects, and hit submit.

  4. Select the voice of Piage.

  5. Change the subtitle display positioning based on media (optional)

  6. Export your video and share it with the world!

We’re adding an example historical fact video we created with this prompt and Fliki.

Example video

Get creative, get inspired, and let's see what amazing short-format historical video content you create!