Top 5/ Top 10 videos

Updated on May 11, 2024


“Give {topic, for eg: Top 5 travel hacks}. It should be simple, engaging, informative, and suitable for narration, highlighting each point with practical tips. Each point should be short to maintain audience interest. Start with a catchy title.”


  1. Copy and paste the prompt provided above in ChatGPT.

  2. Next, copy the prompt’s result and paste it into Fliki's 'Script to Video' [Watch tutorial].

  3. Choose the desired template for a sleek, professional look.

  4. Select your preferred voice.

  5. Apply your brand colors and fonts from file settings.

  6. Export your video and share it with the world!


We’re adding an example video we created with this prompt and Fliki.

Get creative, get inspired, and let's see what amazing content you come up with!