Best AI Voices for languages in πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ Norway

Generate high quality text-to-speech using natural AI voices for languages in πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ Norway

LanguageVoice nameType of voiceApplicable planSample
Norwegian Sven β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
NorwegianDaniel β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
NorwegianEmma ♀StandardStandard, Premium
NorwegianErik β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
NorwegianFinn β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
NorwegianIda ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
NorwegianIngrid ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
NorwegianIselin ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
NorwegianLeah ♀StandardStandard, Premium
NorwegianLinnΓ©a ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
NorwegianLiv ♀StandardStandard, Premium
NorwegianMagnus β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
NorwegianMaja ♀StandardStandard, Premium
NorwegianMarkus β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
NorwegianNora ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
NorwegianOlav β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
NorwegianOlivia ♀StandardStandard, Premium
NorwegianPernille ♀StandardStandard, Premium
NorwegianSofie ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
NorwegianVictor β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
NorwegianWilliam β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium

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Nicolai Grut

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Lisa Batitto

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