Best AI Voices for languages in πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Spain

Generate high quality text-to-speech using natural AI voices for languages in πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Spain

LanguageVoice nameType of voiceApplicable planSample
BasqueAinhoa ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
BasqueAnder β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
CatalanAlba ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
CatalanAleix β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
CatalanArlet ♀StandardStandard, Premium
CatalanCarmen ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
CatalanElena ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
CatalanEnric β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
CatalanJoan β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
CatalanJoana ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
CatalanMarc β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
CatalanMarta ♀StandardStandard, Premium
CatalanPau β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
GalicianBrais β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
GalicianIago β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
GalicianIria ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
GalicianMateo β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
GalicianRoi β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
GalicianSabela ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
GalicianXiana ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
GalicianXoan β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishAbril ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishAdriΓ‘n β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishAlba ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishAlejandro β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishAlvaro β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishAmaya ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishAna ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishAntonio β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishArnau β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishBeatriz ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishBlas β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishCarla ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishCarlos β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishCarmen. ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishConchita ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishDario β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishDiego β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishDolores ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishElias β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishElvira ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishEmilio β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishEncarna. ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishEnrique β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishEsteban β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishEstrella ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishFelipe β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishFernando β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishGabriela ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishGuillermo β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishIgnacio β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishIrene (Child) ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishIsabella ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishIsmael β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishJaime β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishJavier β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishJorge β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishJuan β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishJulia ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishJulian β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishLaia ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishLia ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishLina ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishLucia ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishLuis β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishMarcos β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishMaria ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishMartina ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishMartΓ­n β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishMateo β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishMiguel β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishNatalia ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishNil β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishPablo β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishPaco β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishPaloma ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishPilar ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishRafael β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishRamon β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishRosa ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishSalvador β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishSantiago β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishSantos β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishSara ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishSaul β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishSergio β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishSofia ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishSoledad ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishTeo β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishTeresa ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishTriana ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishValentina. ♀Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishVera ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishVicario β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishVicente β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishVicentino β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
SpanishXimena ♀StandardStandard, Premium

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