How to create an audiobook

Updated on Mon, March 20, 2023


Create your Audiobook in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 - Create an audiobook

Select Audiobooks from the left panel and click on the + New book button. Enter the book details such as Title, Author, Description, Cover Image and hit Save.

Step 2 - Create a new chapter

Select the newly created audiobook from the list and click + New Chapter. Enter the chapter Title and hit Save.

Step 3 - Add chapter content

Select the chapter that was recently created from the list. Select a narrator voice from the list of voices in your desired language and dialect. Write or paste your content in the section.

Step 4 - Preview & Export

Finally hit play to preview the audio. When satisfied, hit “Export” to get the final audio file, and sit back and listen to your newly created audiobook.

Step 5 - Share

Now that you have an audiobook, you can share it with others by finding the public link on the respective audiobook page.