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Revolutionize your marketing strategies with Our AI-Powered text-to-video tool. Transforming your scripts into compelling video ads for increased sales and audience engagement just got easier.

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Turn Your Marketing Scripts Into Compelling Video Ads, Fast and Hassle-Free

In this digital era, the pressure to produce captivating content continues to ramp up. As content demand surges, the need for a tool that can turn your compelling advertisement video concepts into reality swiftly has never been greater. With our text-to-video tool, you can surpass industry standards and engage your audience like never before. No more struggling with complex video editing software. Breathe life to your unique stories effortlessly with script-based editing powered by high-quality AI voices and expansive media resources.

Imagine a world where creating high-quality marketing videos turns into sales without requiring hours of brainstorming, costly filming, and laborious editing. We make this possible, enabling even those with no previous video editing experience to produce professional-grade video content. Our tool is intuitive and user-friendly, supporting you from the initial scriptwriting phase right through to the final video rendering stage.

Gone are the days of generic video ads content – we’re here to help you raise the stakes. Energize your Facebook video ads, Instagram ads, or even banner ads pain-free. Unleash your creativity with our advanced, yet simple-to-use tool, and stand out from the competition. Whether you're showcasing your brand's unique features, promoting a new product, or trying to drive customer engagement - our text-to-video solution makes it easy and efficient.

Don't let technological hurdles inhibit your marketing potential. It's time to harness the power of AI-driven video content for your advertising needs. Elevate your advertising strategy by stepping into the future of digital marketing. Start creating personalized, high-impact video ads today and see your audience engagement, brand recall, and sales surge. Just upload your script, choose your media, select an AI voice, and let our tool do the rest. It’s that simple. Dive into the world of seamless, engaging content creation with Fliki

How to create video ads from text in 4 steps

Step 1

Input your text

Start with your script, idea, blog post or any textual content.

Step 1

Step 2

Choose and personalise your AI voice

Once the script is generated choose a voice to suit the video from a selection over almost 2000 voices in 75 different languages.

Step 2

Step 3

Add visuals

Explore our vast stock library with millions of media assets to find the perfect visuals, or let our AI curate media based on your text, while having the option to upload your own media for a personalized touch.

Step 3

Step 4

Download your video

Preview and export your video creation. Once you are satisfied with the preview, export it and upload it to Youtube to start raking in the views.

Step 4

Transform your ideas into captivating videos

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Nicolai Grut

Nicolai Grut

Digital Product Manager

Excellent Neural Voices + Super Fast App

I love how clean and fast the interface is, using Fliki is fast and snappy and the content is "rendered" incredibly quickly.

Lisa Batitto

Lisa Batitto

Public Relations Professional

Hoping for something like this!

I'm having a great experience with Fliki so I was excited about this deal. My first project is turning my blog posts into videos, and posting on YouTube/TikTok.

credit card not required

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Fliki offers a tier that allows users to explore text to voice and text to video features without any cost.

You can generate 5 minutes of free audio and video content per month. However, certain advanced features and premium AI capabilities may require a paid subscription.

Fliki stands out from other tools because we combine text to video AI and text to speech AI capabilities to give you an all in one platform for your content creation needs.

Fliki helps you create visually captivating videos with professional-grade voiceovers, all in one place. In addition, we take pride in our exceptional AI Voices and Voice Clones known for their superior quality.

Fliki supports over 75 languages in over 100 dialects.

The AI speech generator offers 1300+ ultra-realistic voices, ensuring that you can create videos with voice overs in your desired language with ease.

No, our text-to-video tool is fully web-based. You only need a device with internet access and a browser preferably Google Chrome, to create, edit, and publish your videos.

Easily create your video ad by uploading your script to our tool, selecting your preferred AI voice, choosing the media you want to incorporate, and letting our tool handle the rest. Your compelling video ad is just a few clicks away.

With Fliki, making a catchy video ad is as easy as combining a compelling script with visually stunning media. Our AI voices add the perfect touch of realism, ensuring your ads grab attention. Experiment with different media and voices until you find the perfect fit for your brand.

While Fliki offers a free plan, the full suite of features is part of a paid subscription. This investment ensures access to an advanced tool that will significantly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your ad creation process.

Absolutely! Fliki is designed to keep up with the diverse formatting requirements of different platforms. Whether it's Facebook video ads, Instagram ads or banner ads, our tool is flexible and adapts seamlessly to your specific needs.

Of course! Our text-to-video tool is specifically designed to be user-friendly, meaning you can easily navigate and utilize its features, regardless of your experience level. From scriptwriting to rendering the final video, our tool supports you every step of the way.

Fliki supports voice cloning, allowing you to replicate your own voice or create unique voices for different characters. This feature saves time on recording and adds authenticity to your content.

It also opens up creative possibilities and assists individuals with speech impairments. With Fliki, you can personalize your content, enhance creativity, and overcome limitations with ease.

No, prior experience as a designer or video editor is not required to use Fliki. Our intuitive and user-friendly platform offers capabilities that make it super easy for anyone to create content.

Our Voice Cloning AI, Text to Speech AI, and Text to Video AI, combined with our ready to use templates and 10 million+ rich stock media, allow you to create high-quality videos without any design or video editing expertise.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime by navigating to Account and selecting "Manage billing"

Prices are listed in USD. We accept all major debit and credit cards along with GPay, Apple Pay and local payment wallets in supported countries.

Fliki operates on a subscription system with flexible pricing tiers. Users can access the platform for free or upgrade to a premium plan for advanced features.

The paid subscription includes benefits like ultra realistic AI voices, extended video durations, commercial usage rights, watermark removal, and priority customer support.

Payments can be made through the secure payment gateway provided.

Check out our pricing page for more information.

Stop wasting time, effort and money creating videos

Hours of content you create per month: 4 hours

To save over 96 hours of effort & $4800 per month

No technical skills or software download required.