What is Claude 3? How to Use Claude 3 LLM


By Sabir Ahmed

Product, Marketing & Growth

Updated on Mar 20, 2024


In a world where the pulse of technology quickens with each passing day, the AI industry gears up for an incredible growth journey. According to recent projections, the value of the AI industry is poised to skyrocket, catapulting itself by over 13 times in the next seven years. This astronomical surge reflects the insatiable thirst for advancements and underscores AI's pivotal role in reshaping our digital landscape.

Amidst this thrilling landscape, Anthropic has introduced its groundbreaking AI model Claude 3, which they claim has outperformed the OG of LLMs - GPT-4. In this article, we will explore the ascending tiers of Claude 3's generative prowess – Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus – and explore the profound functionalities that position Claude 3 at the forefront of the AI revolution.

In this blog post, we'll navigate Claude 3's rise, explore how it works, and how you can use Claude 3 to unlock its full potential, applications, and the significant role it plays in a future where AI industry value is set to soar beyond imagination. 

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What is Claude 3?

Claude 3 is the latest family of AI models developed by Anthropic, setting new industry benchmarks across various cognitive tasks. This family includes three models: Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opus, each offering increasingly powerful performance. Claude 3 Opus, the most advanced model, demonstrates near-human levels of comprehension and fluency on complex tasks, excelling in analysis, forecasting, content creation, code generation, and multilingual conversations.

The Claude 3 models have been designed to be more trustworthy and capable, with enhanced vision capabilities to process visual information effectively. They excel in visual question answering and demonstrate strong quantitative reasoning skills when analyzing and deriving insights from visual data. Additionally, these models deliver near-instant results, making them ideal for live customer chats and data extraction tasks.

Features of Claude 3

1. Long Context and Near-Perfect Recall

  • Initial 200K context window with the potential for over 1 million tokens for select customers.

  • Claude 3 Opus achieves near-perfect recall, surpassing 99% accuracy in the 'Needle In A Haystack' evaluation.

2. Instant Results with Claude 3

Benchmark comparision of Claude 3 models with GPT and Gemini models


  • Powering live customer chats, auto-completions, and real-time data extraction tasks.

  • Haiku, the fastest and most cost-effective model, reads information-dense research papers in seconds.

  • Sonnet, 2x faster than Claude 2, excels at tasks demanding rapid responses.

  • Opus delivers high intelligence at speeds comparable to Claude 2.

3. Sophisticated Vision Capabilities

  • Vision capabilities on par with leading models, processing diverse visual formats.

  • Application in enterprise settings with up to 50% knowledge encoded in various formats.

4. Increased Capabilities Across the Board

All Claude 3 models exhibit enhanced capabilities in:

  • Analysis and forecasting

  • Nuanced content creation

  • Code generation

  • Multilingual conversation, including Spanish, Japanese, and French.

5. Refusal Reduction for Enhanced Understanding

  • Claude 3 models (Opus, Sonnet, Haiku) are significantly less likely to refuse prompts.

  • Improved contextual understanding, recognizing real harm, and refusing harmless prompts less often.

Following is a post from a user on X(twitter) comparing Claude 3 with GPT-4:

How to Use Claude 3?

Unlocking Claude 3's potential for your projects and applications is straightforward. It is designed to empower users with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

1. Accessing Claude 3 Models

  • Claude 3 Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus are accessible through Claude's official website, providing a seamless entry point for users.

  • Visit claude.ai to log in and explore the diverse capabilities offered by each model.

2. Model Availability and Rollout

snapshot of claude ai chatbot interface
  • Sonnet, the introductory model, is freely available for immediate use. You can access it via Claude's official website, Amazon Bedrock, or in a private preview on Google Cloud's Vertex AI Model Garden.

  • Opus, the pinnacle of Claude 3's processing power, can be accessed through claude.ai. However, it requires a Claude Pro subscription, which highlights its advanced features and capabilities.

  • Haiku, renowned as the world's fastest AI chatbot, is on the horizon and set for release in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for its rollout and prepare to experience near-instant responsiveness.

3. Logging In via Claude.ai

  • Navigate to claude.ai to initiate the login process.

  • As Claude 3's models differ in availability and subscription requirements, ensure you choose the model that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

4. Claude Pro Subscription for Claude Opus

  • Opus, the high-caliber model with human-like processing capabilities, necessitates a Claude Pro subscription for access.

  • Subscribe to Claude Pro through the official website to unlock the enhanced features and advancements that Opus offers.

    snapshot of claude ai pro subscription which costs $20 excluding taxes

5. Claude Haiku's Upcoming Release

  • Keep an eye out for the impending release of Claude 3 Haiku, touted as the world's fastest AI chatbot.

  • While Haiku's specific availability details are yet to be unveiled, its promise of near-instant responsiveness positions it as a game-changer in the AI landscape.

Whether it's the freely available Sonnet, the subscription-based Opus, or the upcoming speedster Haiku, it's clear that Claude 3 offers a spectrum of AI solutions tailored to diverse user needs.

💡 Checkout the comparison between Claude and ChatGPT and Bard (Gemini).

Final Words

In a world hungry for smart solutions, Claude 3 steps up as a game-changer. With its three distinct models—Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus—it has not only raised the bar for AI capabilities but also opened doors to a multitude of applications across industries.

As we wrap up this tech journey, one thing is crystal clear: Claude 3 isn't just another LLM; it's a peek into the future of super-smart machines. So, whether you're delving into Sonnet's immediate possibilities, unlocking Opus's potential with a Claude Pro subscription, or eagerly awaiting Haiku's swift arrival, remember – Claude 3 is not just a tool; it's a glimpse into the future, a future where AI seems to be limitless.

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