Credit calculations and FUP limits

Updated on May 22, 2024

How credits are calculated in Fliki

Learn how Fliki calculates credits and how to optimize usage.

Fliki calculates credits in minutes.

Credits calculated for audio creation

Fliki uses advanced AI to turn text into audio and charges credits for each audio generation. Credits are deducted based on the duration of the audio created.

If you modify the text or adjust settings like the voice or pauses, Fliki reprocesses the text to generate new audio and charges credits.

Each credit covers 60 seconds of audio processing.

Credits calculated for video creation

Video credits are calculated separately as Fliki would need to process the content on the server to render the video.

Once you click on “Export” Fliki would deduct credits based on the total length of the video.

If you happen to make changes to the video, you will need to click on “Export” and select the “Export again” option in the popup. This would deduct credits again since the entire video needs to be re-rendered on the server.

Credits calculation


Audio - Neural Voices (1 Minute)

Audio - Cloned Voices (1 Minute)

Audio - Ultra Realistic Voices (1 Minute)

Video - Export (1 Minute)

AI Art (1 Image)

AI Avatar (1 Minute)

AI Video Clip (1 Clip)

Idea to Video (per Conversion)

Blog to Video (per Conversion)

Tweet to Video (per Conversion)

PPT to Video (per Conversion)

Product to Video (per Conversion)


1 Credit

2 Credits

2 Credits

1 Credit

0.1 Credits

15 Credits

10 Credits

0.25 Credits

0.5 Credits

0.5 Credits

1 Credit

1 Credit

Credit Estimate

The standard plan comes with 180 mins of credits per month.

Ideally, you could create 90 mins of videos per month (containing audio). A lot depends on how much credits would be spent on creating/editing the audio.

Most users easily get 45-60 mins of videos created using 180 mins of credits.

Fliki offers tremendous value as outsourcing video creation for a 2-3 min video with voiceover would easily cost around $30-$50. (20x more expensive).

Tips to optimize credits

  1. Keep sections small: Having shorter sections (1-2 sentences) will make sure you can edit the text without re-consuming extensive credits at every edit.

  2. Use Pronounce: If you want to listen to how a particular word sounds without playing the entire section, highlight the text and select “Pronounce” to listen to just the word. And you can make corrections in the Pronunciation map.

  3. Review before Preview: Please review all your script and edit it before you hit play and preview the audio/video. This will save an ample amount of credits.

FUP Limits

Create file

  • Free: 100 files per month

  • ⁠Paid: 2000 files per month

Create folder

  • 500 folders per month

Magic create

  • ⁠Free: 10 per month

  • Paid: 2000 per month

Upload media

  • Free: 50 media per month

  • Paid: 3500 media per month