How to create product tutorial videos

Updated on Apr 2, 2024

Create Product Tutorial/ Demo videos

Learn how to create product tutorial or product demo videos using AI voices with Fliki.

Step 1 - Record your steps

Use any screen recording tool to record the steps in your demo.

If you are using MacOS, we recommend using the built-in QuickTime screen recorder. This can be activated by pressing Command + Shift + 5 key.

Make sure to record each step as a separate clip; this will help you easily update your video in the future. You will not have to re-record the entire video if any step changes.

It’s recommended to keep each step small, about 10-15 seconds long.

Step 2 - Create a video file

Once you have all the video snippets ready, head over to Fliki.

Select the "Files" option from the top panel. Click on the "New File" button. Choose the language, dialect, and aspect ratio. Under "Start With," select "Empty file," then hit "Submit."

Step 3 - Upload recorded media

Select the scene 1 and click on the thumbnail icon in the layout layer to bring up the Media selection menu, and select the “My Library” tab and hit “Choose File”, select your recorded files one by one and add them to the library.

Once in the library, you can assign each clip/step in a different scene.

Step 4 - Select voice and add script

Click on the voice name in the voiceover layer. This will open the voice selection popup. You can choose from any of the 2000+ voices in 75+ different languages. Once selected, you can add the voiceover script describing the step in the voiceover layer of each scene.

Step 5 - Customize other layers

You can enhance your video’s appeal with other layers:

  • Avatar Layer: Pick from stock avatars or upload your image. Customize position, size, close-up settings, transparency, and animation. Learn more about using AI avatars in Fliki.

  • Picture-in-Picture Layer: Control settings for the smaller video inside the main one.

  • Text Layer: Manage words that pop up on the screen for emphasis or explanation.

  • Audio Layer: Handle uploaded audio or add cool sound effects.

Step 6 - Add background music

Add background music by clicking "Choose File" in the background audio layer. Adjust the music's volume and speed in the customization panel.

Step 7 - Download

Finally, click "Download," then "Start Export" to download your video in MP4 format.


A tutorial video is instructional content visually demonstrating how to perform a specific task. It typically includes step-by-step guidance, explanations, and demonstrations to help viewers understand and replicate the process taught.

To create a tutorial video using Fliki, record each step of your tutorial using a screen recording tool, ensuring each step is around 10-15 seconds long. Next, upload the recorded media to Fliki, select a voice add a script for each step, customize layers such as avatars, text, and audio, and add background music. Finally, download your tutorial video in MP4 format.

The content of a tutorial video typically includes detailed instructions and demonstrations aimed at teaching viewers how to use the product/ tool.