How to convert PPT to videos

Updated on Apr 2, 2024

Convert Powerpoint Presentation to video

Create a video with a voiceover using your PPT in less than a minute.

Step 1 - Create a video file

Select the "Files" option from the top panel. Click on the "New File" button. Choose the language, dialect, and aspect ratio. Under "Start With," select "PPT," then hit "Submit."

Step 2 - Upload PPT file

Click "Choose File" to upload the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert. Select AI Avatar to add a virtual talking avatar in your video. Finally, hit ‘Submit‘.

Step 3 - Customize voiceover

Fliki will create the script and extract slides from your PPT. If needed, you can edit the script, voice, background music, avatar, font, placement, color and more. To change the voice, follow the steps:

  • Select any scene. Click on the voice name in the voiceover layer. This will open the voice selection popup.

  • You can filter the voices by language, dialect, and gender. Hit the speaker icon to play a sample of the voice.

  • Once satisfied, scroll down and hit select or simply double click on the desired voice. If you wish to use the same voice for all the scenes, tick the checkbox that says ‘Apply this voice to all the voiceovers‘

  • In the left panel, control the volume and speed of the voiceover. You can also customize visibility, position, font size, display color, animation, and visualization for subtitles.

Step 4 - Customize avatar and other layers

In the Avatar layer, choose a stock avatar or create a personalized one from your own image or a text prompt. Customize avatar settings like position, size, and animation. Once satisfied, click on "Generate Avatar Video," then accept the confirmation to generate your talking avatar. Learn more about using AI avatars in Fliki.

Step 5 - Customize background audio

Add background music by clicking "Choose File" in the background audio layer. Adjust the music's volume and speed in the customization panel.

Step 6 - Download

Finally, click "Download," then "Start Export" to download your video in MP4 format.


Yes, it's possible to convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video with Fliki. Fliki streamlines the process, enabling users to create engaging videos from their presentations in less than a minute.

To convert a PPT to a video using Fliki, upload the presentation to Fliki and customize the voiceover, background music, avatar, and other layers as needed. Finally, click "Download" to export the video in MP4 format.