How to convert idea to video

Updated on Apr 11, 2023

Convert idea to video

Create an entire video with rich visuals and voiceover in less than a minute by describing your idea in just a few words.

Step 1 - Create a video file

Create a new file by selecting. “+ New file” button, enter your file name, select “Video” type, and hit Create.

Click the “Convert” button and select “Idea to Video”.

Step 2 - Enter your idea

Describe your idea for the video in a few words, select your language and type/tone of the video and finally the length of the video you want and click “Submit.”

Step 4 - Customize

Fliki will create the script and get visuals for them using the rich stock library.

If needed, you can edit the script, voice, visuals, and background music.

And also customize the video size (Landscape, Portrait, Square), font, placement, color, and more.

Step 5 - Export

Finally, you can preview the video and hit “Export” to process and download the video.