Top 15 Faceless Youtube Channel Ideas for 2024


By Sabir Ahmed

Product, Marketing & Growth

Updated on Jun 17, 2024


A faceless YouTube channel does not show the YouTuber's face. There are times when we do not even hear their voice. And yet, many faceless channels make millions of views! (Examples Ahead)

Youtube has a booming trend of anonymous faceless channels that draw millions of viewers.

The content matters more to viewers than the face behind the video.

Benefits Of Faceless YouTube Channels

No-face YouTube channels are the best for four reasons:

  • A faceless channel is easy to maintain!

  • Save on heavy investments like cameras, lights, mic, etc.

  • Don't have to worry about being camera shy!

  • Can avoid unwarranted attention from family, friends, and coworkers!

Top 15 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas

1. Motivational Videos

There is something that everyone can relate to when it comes to motivational videos.

You can write your own script or select a compilation of motivational quotes to go with the background music.

Motivational talks and videos are viewed by millions every day. They tend to have nice visuals with role models and a deep enthralling voice to convey the message.

🏋🏻‍♀️ Motivational Channels

  • Be Inspired | 8.4M subscribers ⎸ 432M views ▶️ ⎸ 50KUSD/month 💵

  • Ben Lionel Scott | 2.4M subscribers ⎸ 290M views ▶️ ⎸ 25KUSD/month 💵

2. Top5 / Top10 Videos

People love binge-watching the Top5, and Top10 videos.

Be it the Top5 best mobile games for kids or the Top10 ways to earn money online. These videos are a perfect mix of education and entertainment.

The usual list starts in ascending order to make sure the user watches the entire video anticipating what’s the top item on the list.

💯 Top5/Top10 Channels:

  • Top5Gaming | 5.5M subscribers ⎸ 1.9B views ▶️ ⎸ 190K USD/month 💵

  • Top Fives | 2.4M subscribers ⎸ 907M views ▶️ ⎸ 85K USD/month 💵

  • Top5Central | 4.4M subscribers ⎸ 720M views ▶️ ⎸ 4K USD/month 💵

3. Productivity Hacks

Everyone around is always trying to get more done in less time.

Being efficient is the name of the game, from how to read books faster to getting more quality sleep. These videos will never go out of trend.

All you need to do is be clear on the messaging and pain point. Most of these videos can be based on multiple productivity self-help books.

📚 Productivity Channels:

  • Motivation2Study | 3.8M subscribers ⎸ 260M views ▶️ ⎸ 21K USD/month 💵

  • Janice Studies | 569K subscribers ⎸ 64M views ▶️ ⎸ 5K USD/month 💵

4. Scary Stories

There is a reason why CreepyPasta has a huge following!

It’s true that being scared isn't for everyone but, it is definitely appealing to a specific audience.

There is a haunting chill that engrosses people to find out what happens at every dark twist and turn in fate.

All you need is a whispering soft voice that can hold the attention of your viewers leading them to want more.

👻 Scary Channels:

  • Mr. Nightmare | 5.9M subscribers ⎸ 960M views ▶️ ⎸ 60K USD/month 💵

  • Be. Busta | 756K subscribers ⎸ 151M views ▶️ ⎸ 4K USD/month 💵

  • Blue_Spooky | 231K subscribers ⎸ 39M views ▶️ ⎸ 3K USD/month 💵

5. Cooking Videos

Millions of people watch cooking videos to prepare their meals every day.

These videos do not need to involve showing your face, only a good narration of step-by-step instructions following the recipe.

Besides recipes, you can also discuss nitty-gritty details like cooking tools, how to organize your refrigerator, and much more.

🍔 Cooking Channels:

6. Tutorial Videos

How do I get started with X? is always a common question.

Be it the new design tool you want to use or just the latest social media app. People love to find a walkthrough of the new apps they’re exploring and getting started with.

All you need is a little expertise in the field and start recording your screen showing a step-by-step process of getting things done.

👩🏻‍🏫 Tutorial Channels:

7. Gaming Videos

A major boom occurred in E-Sports and online gaming during the pandemic.

You can easily stream the games you play adding commentary and bringing out your personality.

If you don’t think you play so well, you can also add commentary and review the top plays of the week. Make sure you have prior approval from the original streamers before you go ahead and use their clips.

🎮 Sample Channels:

  • Levinho | 11M subscribers | 2B views ▶️ | 53kUSD/month 💵

  • Tacaz Gaming | 6.96M subscribers | 1.1B views ▶️ | 1kUSD/month 💵

8. Language Learning Videos

Can you speak an additional language that you can teach?

Millions of users tune in every day to learn new languages. This could start off with basic phrases, pronunciation, words, and grammar.

Lessons can be bite-sized 2-5 mins clips. To take it a little more outside the box body language is also technically a language.

ᄨ Language Learning Channels:

9. Bedtime Stories

Sleepless nights are increasingly common among a large number of people.

To help with this people are eagerly listening to bedtime stories be it for adults or kids.

The beauty of this faceless YouTube channel idea is that you can gently lull your listeners to sleep if you have a lingering voice.

😴 Bedtime Stories Channels:

10. Relaxing / Study Music

If you’ve got a musical itch, then this one might be the perfect candidate. A large number of users listen to music without lyrics while studying, working, or meditating.

Lofi Girl is a perfect example of how a cult of followers can grow with a faceless channel with one of the highest numbers of views.

If you’re looking to create your own Music using AI tech we recommend you check out Boomy.

🎧 Relaxing / Study Channels:

11. DIY Craft Tutorials

Showcase your creativity through hands-on DIY craft tutorials.

You can demonstrate how to create unique and exciting crafts using simple materials. The focus is on the art and craft, allowing viewers to follow step-by-step instructions without revealing your face.

🎨 DIY/ Craft Channels:

  • Crafty Panda | 19.6M subscribers ⎸ 5.8B views ▶️ ⎸ 26KUSD/month 💵

  • Craftilicious DIY | 360K subscribers | 83M views ▶️ | 2.5KUSD/month 💵

12. Historical Story Videos

Take your audience through time by creating content around historical stories, facts, and mysteries.

Delve into interesting events, ancient civilizations, or unsolved mysteries while maintaining a faceless presence to keep the focus on the narrative.

🏰 Historical Channels:

  • OverSimplified | 8.2M subscribers ⎸ 1.09B views ▶️ ⎸ 87KUSD/month 💵

  • Epic History TV | 2.2M subscribers ⎸ 250M views ▶️ ⎸ 26KUSD/month 💵

13. Science Experiments Videos

Educate and entertain your audience with engaging science experiments and educational demonstrations.

Explore the fascinating world of science through visually captivating experiments. A faceless approach can keep the focus on the experiments themselves.

🔬 Science Experiment Channels:

14. Life Hacks Videos

Share practical life hacks and quick tips on various topics, such as organization, time management, or everyday problem-solving.

The focus is on providing valuable information concisely and engagingly, making it easy for viewers to apply these tips in their daily lives.

🤔 Life Hacks Channels:

  • Inventor 101 | 5.3M subscribers ⎸ 1.5B views ▶️ ⎸ 64.5KUSD/month 💵

  • 5-Minute Crafts PLAY | 20.2M subscribers ⎸ 6.3B views ▶️ ⎸ 54.5KUSD/month 💵

15. Ambient Soundscapes

Create immersive ambient soundscapes for relaxation, meditation, or focus. Utilize high-quality audio recordings paired with visually appealing scenes.

The absence of a face allows viewers to immerse themselves in the calming sounds without any distractions fully.

🎵 Ambient Sound Channels:


  • The channels listed above are picked at random.

  • The monthly revenue is the amount they can potentially earn if they have monetised their channel.

    Revenue source: noxinfluencer

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How to Create Faceless YouTube Videos?

Using Text-to-Video Tools

Text to video is probably the simplest and fastest way to start with your faceless youtube channel idea! All you need is a script for your video, some clips and a good ai text to video solution like Fliki

By Screen Recording

Some faceless youtube channel ideas like gaming videos or technical tutorials require you to create faceless youtube videos by virtue of screen recording. We recommend OBS Studio for recording/streaming videos via PC!

Using Animation Softwares

Well, if you want to create videos like Bright Side, you need to invest your time in learning professional animation software. Initially, you can start off with easy tools like Moovly and then move your way up to more professional software like Blender.

Final Words

It’s true that creating and maintaining a faceless youtube channel is easier than one showing your face. However, the mantra to success is the same: Focus on publishing quality content consistently! There are some more points worth noting:

  1. Do not copy content from other channels or blogs. ie; Create your own content/script.

  2. Try not to overuse stock images/ clips. Try to add original visuals as much as possible.

  3. If you’re going to use AI voices in your videos, would suggest using quality AI voices that don’t sound robotic and maybe even have voice styles. Learn more about how to choose the best text-to-speech platform for your needs!


Consider creating a faceless channel on a topic that aligns with your interests and expertise. For example, you could create motivational, top lists, tutorials, or productivity hack videos.

The best faceless niche for YouTube depends on your skills, interests, and target audience. However, popular options include motivational content, top lists (like Top5 or Top10 videos), productivity hacks, scary stories, cooking tutorials, gaming, language learning, bedtime stories, or relaxing/study music.

To create a successful faceless YouTube channel, focus on providing valuable content, maintaining consistency in your uploads, optimizing your video titles, descriptions, and tags for searchability, engaging with your audience through comments and community posts, and promoting your channel on social media platforms.

Yes, a faceless YouTube channel can be profitable if you consistently produce high-quality content, attract a loyal audience, and monetize it through methods like advertising revenue, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, or crowdfunding.

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