Best AI Voices for languages in ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Italy

Generate high quality text-to-speech using natural AI voices for languages in ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Italy

LanguageVoice nameType of voiceApplicable planSample
ItalianAdriano โ™‚StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianAlessandra โ™€Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianAlessandro โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianAntonio โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianAurora โ™€Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianBenigno โ™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianBianca โ™€StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianCalimero โ™‚StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianCamilla โ™€Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianCarla โ™€StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianCarlo โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianCataldo โ™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianChiara โ™€Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianDamiano โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianDiego โ™‚StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianDomenico โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianElisa โ™€Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianElsa โ™€StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianEnrico โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianEnzo โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianEttore โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianFabiola โ™€StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianFederico โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianFederico โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianFiamma โ™€StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianFilippo โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianFrancesca โ™€Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianGabriele โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianGennaro โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianGiacomo โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianGiada โ™€Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianGianni โ™‚StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianGinevra โ™€Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianGiorgio โ™‚StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianGiosuรจ โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianGiuseppe โ™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianGiuseppe โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianGrazia โ™€Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianGuglielmo โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianImelda โ™€StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianIrma โ™€StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianIsabella โ™€StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianLisandro โ™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianLuca โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianLuigi โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianLuisa โ™€Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianMarcello โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianMarco โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianMarta โ™€Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianMassimiliano โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianMatilde โ™€Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianMatteo โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianMichele โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianPalmira โ™€StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianPaola โ™€Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianPaolo โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianPaolo โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianPierina โ™€StandardFree, Standard, Premium
ItalianRaffaele โ™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
ItalianRiccardo โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianRinaldo โ™‚StandardStandard, Premium
ItalianSalvatore โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianSerena โ™€Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianSofia โ™€Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianStefano โ™‚Ultra realisticPremium
ItalianValentina โ™€Ultra realisticPremium

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