Best AI Voices for languages in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States

Generate high quality text-to-speech using natural AI voices for languages in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States

LanguageVoice nameType of voiceApplicable planSample
EnglishAbbi ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishAbigail ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishAiden β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishAlana ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishAmber ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishAna (child) ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishAndrew β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishAnthony β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishAria ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishAshley ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishAva ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishBella ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishBenjamin β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishBlue β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishBrandon β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishBrian β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishBrielle ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishBruce β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishCameron ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishCarlton β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishChase β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishChristopher β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishCole β™‚Ultra realisticFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishConnor β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishCooper β™‚Ultra realisticFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishCora ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishDaniel β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishDanielle ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishDavis β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishDonna ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishDylan β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishElizabeth ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishEllen ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishEmma ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishEthan β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishGavin β™‚Ultra realisticFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishGenevieve ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishGia ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishGrace ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishGraham. β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishGregory β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishGregory β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishHannah ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishHarper ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishHarrison β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishIsabel ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishIvy (child) ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishJack β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJacob β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishJames β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishJane ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishJasmine ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJason β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishJay β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJenny ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishJensen β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJeremy β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJimmy β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJodi ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJoe β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJoey β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishJonathan β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJordan β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishJustin (child) β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishKai β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishKendra ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishKevin (child) β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishKimberly ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishLance β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishLeah ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishLee β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishLester β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishLulu β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishMalcolm β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishMarcus β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishMason β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishMatthew β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishMaxwell β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishMaya ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishMia ♀Ultra realisticFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishMichael β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishMichelle ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishMiles β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishMonica ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishNancy ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishNathan β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishNicole ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishNoah β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishOlivia ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishOwen β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishPaige ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishPam ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishPatrick β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishPaul β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishPenelope ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishPeter β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishPhil β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishPhilip β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishRaine β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishRamona ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishRick β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishRoger β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishRuth ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishSally ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishSara ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishSavannah ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishSelene ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishSevon β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishShelby ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishSienna ♀Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishSmith β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishSofia ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishSteffan β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishStella ♀StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishStephen β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishSteve β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishTerra ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishTilda ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishTobin β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishTodd β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishTom β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
EnglishTony β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
EnglishTrevor β™‚Ultra realisticStandard, Premium
EnglishTristan β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishTyler β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishVanessa ♀Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishWade β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishWayne β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
EnglishZach β™‚Ultra realisticPremium
SpanishAlba ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishAlejandro β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishAlonso β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishAntonio β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishCamila ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishCarla ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishDaniel β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishDiego β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishJuan β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishJulia ♀StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishLorenzo β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishLuis β™‚StandardStandard, Premium
SpanishLupe ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishMiguel β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishPablo β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishPaloma ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishPedro β™‚StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishPenelope ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium
SpanishSara ♀StandardFree, Standard, Premium

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