Top 10 Text to Speech Software for YouTube in 2024


By Sabir Ahmed

Product, Marketing & Growth

Updated on Apr 8, 2024


Are you tired of recording and editing audio for your YouTube videos? Do you want to reach a larger audience but struggle with language barriers? Text to speech software may be the answer you've been looking for.

Text to Speech technology allows you to convert written text into spoken words, making it easier for content creators to reach a wider audience and provide a consistent and professional tone.

This blog will explore the top 10 Text to Speech software for YouTube in 2024. We'll cover everything from the importance of using TTS to the best Text to Speech software on the market! This guide will provide the information you need to add Text to Speech technology to your videos, regardless of your experience level.

With the right TTS solution, you can reach a wider audience, save time and effort, and provide a professional and consistent tone.

Importance of Quality in Text to Speech Software

A TTS solution is a powerful tool that can enhance the quality of your videos, but only if you use it correctly. Poor-quality Text to Speech software can hamper the quality of your videos, detracting from the message and causing distractions for your viewers.

In addition, there are several reasons why many YouTubers opt to use Text to Speech software instead of their voice. For instance:

  • Convenience: TTS solutions allow you to create videos faster and more efficiently without worrying about re-recording due to mistakes or inconsistencies in your voice.

  • Consistency: With a TTS solution, you can ensure that your videos have a consistent tone and style, which can be especially important if you're creating a series of videos.

  • Accessibility: TTS solutions can help make your videos more accessible to a broader audience speaking different languages, including those who may have trouble hearing or understanding your voice.

Learn more about the benefits of text to speech software in detail!

Using a Text to Speech solution, you can take your videos to the next level and reach a wider audience with high-quality content that's easy to understand and engaging. To help you decide which TTS solution is right for you, here are some tips:

  • Sound Quality: Choose a TTS solution with a clear, natural-sounding voice that's easy to understand.

  • Customization: Check if the TTS solution allows you to customize the voice to suit your needs, like controlling the pitch, rate, and speed of the speech.

  • Language Support: Make sure the TTS solution supports the language or languages you need for your videos.

  • Regional Dialects/Accents: Select text to speech software that provide regional dialects and accents to make the audio sound more natural.

  • Emotion Control: With some modern text to speech software, you can control the emotion of the voice, for example, making it sound angry, sad, excited, or worried, based on the context of the content. It makes the voice more human-like than ever.

By considering these factors, you can be sure that you're using a high-quality Text to Speech solution that will enhance the quality of your videos. Remember, your Text to Speech solution represents your brand, and you want it to sound professional and polished.

Top 10 Text to Speech Software for YouTube in 2024

1. Fliki

Fliki is an AI-powered text-to-speech and text-to-video creator designed for a wide range of users who want to create high-quality audio and video content easily. It is perfect for business owners seeking to create engaging content for their social media channels, content creators looking to produce videos more efficiently, or anyone in between who wants to create and share their audio and video content.

One key feature that sets Fliki apart is its text-to-video feature, making it the only tool in the list that offers this capability. This makes it particularly suitable for YouTube content creators, social media influencers, and other content creators looking to produce visually engaging videos to accompany their audio content.

Key Features:

  • 900+ realistic Voices

  • 75+ languages with 100+ accents

  • Built-in Translation

  • Premium Background Music

  • Pronunciation Map

  • Text to Video Capabilities


  • Simple interface and workflow

  • Voice quality is excellent, even in regional languages

  • Supports adding pauses

  • Adjust pitch, tone, and emotions

  • Text-to-video capabilities add the cherry on top

  • Customer support is fast and friendly


  • No Team collaboration

  • Voice cloning is not present.

Free plan:

  • 5 minutes of audio and video content (720p)

  • Access 400 voices

  • Access 75+ languages & 100+ dialects

  • Access thousands of images, video clips and music assets

  • Import Blog articles and Tweets

  • Generate images using AI

  • Create up to 10 scenes per file

  • Contains Fliki Watermark

Basic - $8/month:

  • + Everything in Free Plan

  • 120 minutes of audio content

  • Access 900+ voices

  • Access 75+ languages & 100+ dialects

  • Translate audio to 75+ languages

  • Create podcasts & audio books

  • Access thousands of music assets

  • Pronunciation map

  • Create up to 50 scenes per file

  • Commercial rights

  • Access to premium community

Standard - $28/month:

  • + Everything in Basic Plan

  • Create videos using text (1080p Full HD) 180 minutes of audio and video content

  • Translate audio and video to 75+ languages

  • Access millions of images, video clips and music assets

  • No Watermark

Premium - $88/month:

  • + Everything in Standard Plan

  • 600 minutes of audio and video content per month

  • Faster exports

  • API access

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Priority email & chat support


  • G2 - 4.8

  • Capterra - 4.8

  • Trustpilot - 4.8

2. Murf

A wide range of audiences can use Murf. It can be helpful for educators who want to create e-learning videos and tutorials. Content creators can also use it to create videos for platforms such as YouTube or explainer videos and other audio and video content.

Businesses can also benefit from Murf's AI voiceover feature, as it enables them to generate custom voices for various needs, such as ads or presentations, instead of hiring a voice actor.

Murf also provides text-to-speech functionality, which allows users to convert written text into speech. The tool uses human-like voices, creating an enjoyable listening experience.

Key Features:

  • 120+ voices

  • 8000+ licensed soundtracks

  • Transcription

  • Collaborative Workspace

  • AI Voice Changer


  • Well organized and easy to access all of their voices

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Offers a variety of different voices in a variety of languages


  • Voice quality is still not perfect and can sound robotic

  • Pronunciation errors are not uncommon

  • Higher cost compared to some alternatives.

Free plan:

  • No downloads

  • Try all 120+ voices

  • 10 mins of voice generation

  • 10 mins of transcription

  • Share link for audio/video output

  • Single User

  • No credit card required

Basic - $29/month:

  • Access to 60 basic voices

  • Access to 10 languages

  • 24 hours of Voice generation per user/year

  • Collaborative Workspace

  • No AI Voice Changer

  • Commercial usage rights

  • 8000+ licensed soundtracks

  • Chat & Email Support

Pro - $39/month:

  • Access to all 120+ voices

  • All 20+ Languages & Accents

  • 4 hours of voice generation per user/month

  • 2 hours of transcription per user/month

  • Collaborative Workspace

  • AI Voice Changer

  • Commercial Usage Rights

  • 8000+ licensed soundtracks

  • High Priority Support

Enterprise - $59/month (Paid annually only):

  • Everything in Pro Plan

  • $3540/year minimum billing

  • 5+ Users

  • Unlimited Voice generation

  • Transcription & Storage

  • Collaboration & Access Control

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Service Agreement

  • Security Assessment

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Training & Onboarding Support

  • PO & Invoicing

  • Deletion recovery


  • G2 - 4.7

  • Capterra - 4.5

  • Trustpilot - 3.2

3. PlayHT

Playht is a powerful tool for those who require high-quality voiceovers for their projects. Whether it is for videos, podcasts, e-learning, or other needs, Playht is a reliable option.

In addition to voiceovers, Playht also offers text-to-speech functionality, allowing users to convert written text into speech using synthetic voices. It can increase the accessibility of the content and enhance user engagement.

Playht is a versatile and convenient tool for content creators, businesses, and individuals who require realistic voiceovers and text-to-speech capabilities for their projects.

Key Features:

  • 907 AI Voices

  • Voice Inflections

  • Custom Pronunciations

  • Speech Styles

  • Multi-Voice Feature


  • Allows to add team members

  • Quality of voices is amazing

  • Premium voices in multiple languages and accents


  • Have to upgrade to expensive plans to use premium voices

  • Some features, like the pronunciation library are only available to premium users

  • French voiceovers tend to make unnecessary liaisons (e.g. "ils ont été", "ça aurait été")

Personal - $19/month:

  • 20,000 words per month

  • Standard Voices

  • Audio Previews

  • Audio Downloads

Professional - $39/month:

  • 50,000 words per month

  • Premium Voices

  • Audio Previews

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Commercial License

Premium - $99/month:

  • 500,000 words per month Ultra realistic Voices (beta)

  • Standard & Premium Voices

  • Pronunciations Library

  • White-labelled Audio Players

  • Unlimited Audio Previews

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Commercial License


  • G2 - 4.6

  • Capterra - 4.0

  • Trustpilot - 4.1

4. TypeCast

Typecast is a voice generator and video editing software that uses AI technology. It provides services for a diverse range of audiences and allows the creation of a wide variety of content, such as audiobooks, educational videos, sales videos, documentaries, and training videos.

The platform has two main tools: Typecast Audio and Typecast Video.

Typecast Audio provides the ability to generate text-to-speech audio in over 300 voices. Users can type or upload a script, adjust the tone and delivery, and choose from available templates for different use cases.

Typecast Video integrates AI speech synthesis with videos to create virtual characters and experiences. By inputting video transcripts, users can create voice-generated videos. Additionally, users can adjust the facial expressions of their virtual voice actors.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Speech Control

  • Import External Files(.pdf, excel, ppt, epub)

  • Multi-User Support Collaborative Features

  • Custom API Access


  • Wide variety of emotions and tones that AI voices can convey.

  • Ability to adjust the tone and emotion of the voice to create unique voiceovers.

  • Intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners.

  • High quality and realistic AI voices.


Free plan offers limited trial characters(voices)

Complex pricing structure with feature lock-ins!

No customer reviews on G2, Capterra, etc

Free plan:

Individual user

3 minutes of monthly download time

Can use trial characters

Basic - $9/month:

  • + Everything in Free Plan

  • Individual user 30 minutes of monthly download time

  • 5 minutes of monthly virtual human download time

  • Can use all characters

  • Can load external files (Excel, PDF, TXT, EPUB)

Standard - $40/month:

  • + Everything in Basic Plan

  • 2 hours of monthly download time

  • 20 minutes of monthly virtual human download time

  • Detailed speech control

  • High quality audio download

  • High quality video download

Business - $90/month:

  • + Everything in Pro Plan

  • 6 hours of monthly download time

  • 1 hour of monthly virtual human download time

  • Can purchase additional download time

  • Can share projects

  • Can purchase additional team member slots

5. Resemble

ResembleAI is a text-to-speech tool that allows users to convert written text into speech using its high-quality AI voices. It operates on a pay-as-you-go model for custom voices built on the platform.

It makes ResembleAI a flexible and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to generate speech from written text. Whether you're creating podcasts, audiobooks, or other forms of audio content, ResembleAI has you covered.

In conclusion, ResembleAI is a convenient and user-friendly tool that offers a pay-as-you-go model for its custom voices, making it a cost-effective solution for creating audio content from written text.

Key Features:

Emotion Control

API Access

AI-Generated Text

Mobile Deployment

Enterprise SLAs


  • Offers numerous synthetic voices that sound good

  • Allows customization of voice emotions

  • Easy to use with a simple UI

  • Option to download audio files (wav or mp3) and access to API for easy integrations

  • Includes a voice cloning feature


  • No free version, only 7-day trial period with subscription required

  • Two subscription plans with the cheaper version being pay-as-you-go and limited in features

  • The Basic version limits access to voices and language options

  • Voices can sound too robotic and not as lifelike as other TTS apps

Basic - $0.006/second:

  • Web-Recorded Custom Voices

  • Up to 10 Voices English

  • Only 50+ Marketplace Voices

  • Unlimited Audio Downloads

  • Pay as you go

6. Lovo

Lovo is a synthetic speech platform that provides advanced AI voiceovers and text-to-speech services for various industries, including e-learning, marketing, and entertainment. With its cutting-edge technology and natural-sounding voices, Lovo is an ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to produce high-quality audio content.

Lovo is targeted explicitly towards marketers, e-learning course creators, and YouTubers who require voiceovers for their videos or training materials. It offers a vast selection of voices covering over 100 languages and dialects, making it a highly versatile option for a wide range of projects.

In conclusion, Lovo is an excellent synthetic speech platform that provides advanced AI voiceovers and text-to-speech services. It is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to create high-quality audio content.

Key Features:

  • 400+ Global Voices

  • 100+ Languages

  • Video Dubbing

  • Emotion Control

  • Commercial Rights

  • Video Export


  • Add background music to the voices

  • Provides options for selecting a character based on emotions

  • Output of voices is quite realistic


  • UI/UX feels plain and boring

  • Choices of voices are a bit limited

  • A handful of voices sound robotic

Free plan:

  • 20 minutes of Voice Generation

  • Watermarked video export

  • 1GB Storage

  • No Commercial Rights

Pro 2hrs - $30/month:

  • 2 Voice Generation Hours/month

  • 400+ Global Voices in 100+ Languages

  • 60+ Emotional Voices

  • 20+ Premium Voices

  • 1080p video export

  • Finegrained Emotion Control

  • Video Dubbing

  • 30GB Storage

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Commercial Rights

Pro 5hrs - $48/month:

  • 5 Voice Generation Hours/month

  • 400+ Global Voices in 100+ Languages

  • 60+ Emotional Voices

  • 20+ Premium Voices

  • 1080p video export

  • Finegrained Emotion Control

  • Video Dubbing

  • 30GB Storage

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Commercial Rights


  • G2 - 3.8

  • Capterra - 4.6

  • Trustpilot - 4.3

7. WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs is a cutting-edge platform that provides advanced text-to-speech services for businesses. Its fast word-processing capabilities can help save companies a significant amount of time and effort.

WellSaid Labs is a robust platform that offers advanced text-to-speech services, making it an ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to save time and produce high-quality audio content.

Its versatility makes it suitable for many users, including individuals with communication disorders, eLearning experts, marketing specialists, HR departments, and internal training staff.

Key Features:

  • Custom Team Plans

  • Business API

  • Custom Voices

  • Speech Control

  • Premium Voices


  • Offers high-quality, lifelike voices

  • API works well

  • Ideal for content creators for making narration

  • Plenty of functionalities based on subscription plan

  • Can be used for e-learning, podcasts, voiceovers, and other audio formats


  • High subscription price, which can be unaffordable for many users

  • Alternatives are available at a lower cost and offer similar results.

Free plan:

  • 1 week free

  • 1 Project

  • 53 Voice Avatars

  • 50 Audio clips

Maker - $49/month:


  • 5 Projects

  • 24 Voice Avatars

  • 1,000 chars/clip

  • Unlimited retakes

  • MP3 file format

  • Commercial use

Creative - $99/month:


  • 50 Projects

  • 53 Voice Avatars

  • 1,000 chars/clip

  • Unlimited retakes

  • Live chat support

  • MP3 file format

  • Commercial use

Producer - $199/month:


  • Unlimited projects

  • 53 Voice Avatars

  • 1,000 chars/clip

  • Unlimited retakes

  • Live chat support

  • Commercial use

  • OGG, WAV available


  • G2 - 4.2

  • Capterra - 4.4

  • Trustpilot - 2.6

8. Listnr

Listnr is suitable for a wide range of applications and has been particularly helpful for e-learning, podcasts, videos, presentations, and marketing.

Content creators, educators, and businesses can use the software to generate high-quality speech in real-time and save time and effort compared to manual recording.

The software's user-friendly interface and integration with various platforms make it an excellent option for anyone who wants to create high-quality speech content.

Key Features:

  • TTS Editor

  • Podcast Hosting

  • AI Podcast

  • Audio Player

  • Text to Speech API


  • Saves time in creating audio-based content from existing posts

  • Natural sounding voices

  • Built-in audio embedding feature

  • Many languages and accents to choose from


  • Can have bugs or lag with big text

  • Experienced a bug that caused a user to lose words from their balance

  • Some accents are more elaborate than others

  • Automatic failures can occur, requiring manual correction.

Individual - $9/month:

  • 10,000 words/mo

  • Unlimited Downloads/exports

  • 25GB Storage

  • Access to all 600+ voices

  • Unlimited Audio embeds

Solo - $19/month:

  • 30,000 words/mo

  • Unlimited Downloads/exports

  • 50GB Storage

  • Access to all 600+ voices

  • Unlimited Audio embeds

Startup - $39/month:

  • 100,000 words/mo

  • Unlimited Downloads/exports

  • 100GB Storage

  • Access to all 600+ voices

  • Unlimited Audio embeds


  • G2 - 4.7

  • Trustpilot - 4.7

9. FakeYou

FakeYou is a free online text-to-speech platform that allows users to create AI-based deep fakes using machine learning. The software offers over 3,000 voice cloning options to imitate famous cultural figures, celebrities, and characters from movies and TV shows. You can learn more about top voice cloning software in 2024. FakeYou also supports open-source voice models.

It's important to note that while the tool may be used for entertainment purposes, creating deep fakes can have severe consequences and is not intended for dishonest behavior. Misusing deep fakes can lead to ethical and legal issues, and it's crucial to consider the potential impact on individuals and society before using this technology.

Key Features:

  • Voice Cloning

  • Video Lipsync

  • Multi-Language Voice Support

  • Upload Private Voice Models


  • Easy to use interface with a text box and a "Speak" button

  • Wide selection of voices (3000+ options) with the ability to search for specific voices

  • Option to clear the text box and try different texts

  • Based on voice cloning technology


  • Voice quality may not be as good as other text-to-speech tools that use AI and machine learning technology

  • Voice selection may not be as diverse or customizable as other text-to-speech tools

  • Dependent on community contributors for voice building, which may result in inconsistent quality or limited options.

Plus - $7/month:

  • Normal Processing Priority

  • Up to 30 seconds audio

  • Unlimited generation

  • Wav2Lip - Up to 1 minute video

Pro - $15/month:

  • Faster Processing Priority

  • Up to 1 minute audio

  • Unlimited generation

  • Upload private models

  • Wav2Lip - Up to 2 minute video

Elite - $25/month:

  • Fastest Processing Priority

  • FakeYou Commercial voices

  • Up to 2 minute audio

  • Unlimited generation

  • Upload & Share private models

  • Wav2Lip - Up to 2 minute video

10. Speechify

Speechify is a cutting-edge TTS app designed for individuals who want to efficiently and comfortably read digital or physical texts. With its innovative technology, Speechify transforms written material into natural-sounding speech, making reading more accessible and engaging.

Users with a library of over 50,000 audiobooks and documents have a vast selection of reading materials. Additionally, Speechify offers the option to convert text into audio files for later listening.

Speechify has quickly gained popularity with over 10 million users; available as a Google Chrome extension and mobile app for iOS and Android. This app is ideal for students, professionals, and anyone looking to boost their productivity and reading experience.

Key Features:

  • 30+ voices

  • 15+ languages

  • 5x faster listening speeds

  • Advanced highlighting, note taking, and importing tools​

  • 60,000+ audiobooks


  • Clean and intuitive interface for multiple platforms (desktop, Chrome app, and mobile)

  • Efficient and friendly customer support

  • Control speed of voices easily


  • Minor bugs exist, but quickly fixed by the company

  • Limited features with the free plan, upgrade to premium required for full benefits.

Free plan:

  • 10 standard reading voices

  • Listen at speeds up to 1x​

  • Text to speech features only

Premium - $139/year:

  • 30+ reading voices

  • 20+ languages

  • Scan and listen to any printed text

  • Listen at 5x faster speeds

  • Advanced skipping and importing

  • highlighting + note taking tools

Audiobooks - $199/year:

  • Actor-narrated audiobooks

  • 1 free credit with trial

  • 12 credits per year

  • Access to 60,000+ titles

  • Newest releases

  • All best-sellers

  • 1000's of free audiobooks


  • G2 - 4.7

  • Trustpilot - 4.2

Bonus Tip: Use Original Visuals

One of the keys to creating engaging and memorable videos is using unique and original visuals. Stock footage can be tempting, but it can make your videos feel generic and uninspired. To stand out, consider using original visuals in your videos whenever possible.

Here's why using original visuals is so important:

  • YouTube Algorithm: The YouTube algorithm highly prioritizes unique and engaging content, and relying on stock footage only adds to the monotony. Using original visuals, you can set your content apart and improve your visibility on the platform.

  • Authenticity: Using original visuals adds authenticity to your videos that stock footage can't match. It helps to build trust with your audience and keep them engaged.

  • Connection: Original visuals help to create a deeper relationship with your viewers by making your videos more personal and memorable. A personalized touch can also increase average view duration, decrease viewer retention, and boost watch time.

  • Uniqueness: Using original visuals, you can differentiate your videos from the countless others that rely on stock footage. It helps to keep your content fresh and exciting, reducing the risk of reduced returning subscribers.

But how can you create original visuals without spending hours or even days creating them from scratch? That's where AI Art comes in. AI Art allows you to generate unique and stunning visuals with simple text prompts. If you're looking for ways to take your videos to the next level and truly stand out, consider using AI Art to create original visuals.

💡 Pro Tip: You can try out Fliki, which has an in-built AI Art feature for generating unique and engaging visuals.


Text to speech software are great to enhance the quality of your YouTube videos and make them more engaging for your audience. With the correct Text to Speech solution, you can bring your videos to life with rich, natural-sounding voices while also saving time and energy compared to recording your voiceovers.

Following this blog's tips and guidelines, you can make the most of your Text to Speech solution and ensure your videos are high-quality, engaging, and compliant with YouTube's algorithm. From selecting a Text to Speech solution with regional dialects and emotion control to minimizing the use of stock footage and incorporating original visuals, there are many ways to take your videos to the next level.

Finally, we encourage you to experiment with Text to speech software, such as Fliki and see the impact on your videos' quality. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly interface, Fliki is an excellent tool for those looking to enhance their YouTube videos.


Yes, you can use TTS (text to speech) voices in your YouTube videos. TTS technology allows content creators to reach a wider audience, enhance accessibility, and maintain a consistent tone in their videos.

YouTubers can get their text to speech (TTS) from various software tools specifically designed for this purpose. Some popular options include Fliki, Murf, PlayHT, TypeCast, and Resemble.

Yes, you can monetize YouTube videos that use text to speech (TTS) voices, as long as the content complies with YouTube's monetization policies.

Yes, there are free AI voice text-to-speech (TTS) options available for YouTube videos, such as Fliki.

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