How to create videos from tweet

Updated on Mar 20, 2023

Create video from Tweet

Turn your Tweet into a rich video with voiceover and share it with your users on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Step 1 - Create a video file

Create a new file by selecting. “+ New file” button, enter your file name, select “Video” type and hit Create.

Copy the link of the Tweet you like to convert to Video from Twitter.

Step 3 - Convert

Select the “Convert” option and choose “Tweet to Video”. Paste the copied Tweet link in the popup and hit “Submit”.

Step 4 - Customize

Fliki will import the video, you can change the voice and visuals for the Tweet. And also customize the font, tweet placement, background color, font color, background music and more.

Step 5 - Export

Finally, you can preview the video and hit “Export” to process and download the video.